BICHE DESIGNS  was born in the heart of Lenora Biche , a young Cameroonian girl with a passion for fashion, a love for creative talent and a desire to educate the world. Lenora Biche is an entrepreneur, a stylist, coach and designer, she states, 

 “I want to educate the world through fashion and creativity, I want to empower young people to express their personal and cultural pride to through fashion, creative thinking and confident personal style"

It is our mission to educate the world through creativity and fashion. BICHE seeks to combine the love for African print fabrics with contemporary fashion and lifestyle. BICHE creates contemporary clothing with a touch of African print fabric. Unlike other clothing brands we provide simplistic, ready to wear, fashion and lifestyle designs with African cultural influence, while enhancing comfort, functionality and confidence for our customers.  At Biche designs, we aspire to develop new trends where customer satisfaction with clothing is based on core personal and cultural values. BICHE will merge fashion and culture to create a wide range of exclusive, colorful, and contemporary items. BICHE focuses on inspiring fashionable  and culturally conscious individuals to dress up with more confidence, color  and grace. We want

 To increase African fashion influence in Italy and the world

To create employment and support for African artisans

  • To promote educational programs for young and talented Africans

BICHE designs is currently based in Rome, ITALY. All our production, is run by African creatives in Italy, African and around the world. We promote entrepreneurial education for African individuals who are gifted with craftsmanship and other creative talent.


Welcome to BICHE designs.